About Us


Bronx Logistic Business is a global supplier of transport solutions

Throughout our long history of business operations we have developed deep and practical expertise in efficiently transporting bulk commodities and finished products between continents and across countries.

02. Mission

Transport quality and safety to enhance your business

Besides that, we’re working within all 4 main types of freight transportation, starting with the air, railroad and truck shipping and all the way to ocean shipping, Our original ship chartering lineup offers you.

03. Vision

We offer only customer-oriented logistic solutions

We’re absolutely sure that our mission is to deliver success to our customers through cutting-edge technology and process design that helps reduce transportation logistics costs and improve productivity.


Meet our team

Patrick Edward
Patrick Edward
He started out with small business, undertaking and trasportation of small packages and storage units.
Hillary Johnny
Hillary Johnny
Delivery worker with more than 7 years in the transportation industry. He delivers goods quickly and efficiently.
Xander Kien
Xander Kien
Chief Operations Officer
Our team ensures good relationships with subcontractors and mutual respect on all projects.
Lilian Edgar
Lilian Edgar
Chief Technical Officer
We strive to maintain the highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels. We not only honor commitments.


Logistic in numbers

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Ground Shipping
Air Delivery
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